Want Us To

Position You As The Go-To

Authority In Your Market?

5 Key Questions for

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

  1. What does your transaction process look like?
  2. What are your quarterly prospecting goals, and what are you doing daily to achieve them?
  3. How are you differentiating your services to prospective clients when cold calling or at a pitch?
  4. Which mediums (email, LinkedIn, blogs, cold calls) have you mastered to build or nurture relationships, and how have you done so?
  5. Are you the go-to authority for key information, relationships, or opportunities in your space? How do you know this?

If you can't answer these with confidence, let's pick a time to chat.


Marko Brelih

​My name is Marko Brelih with the Power Broker Agency, a division of Awakn Media Inc.

We position Commercial Real Estate Brokers as go-to authorities in their markets, so they can grow their pipelines and leverage their social media and email to market listings and win new business, without having to spend hours on social media every day or know how to use technology.

We generated multiple offers for a client in only 5 days, for what he said was a “career-changing” deal that later would close.

We repositioned a listing to double-end a lease transaction that had fallen through - the client received 2 offers within 24 hours and collected $530k in fees.

Another client generated 25 executed Confidentiality Agreements in 24 hours with one post and email, 55 total CAs in the first week, and the deal would later close for $1M over the target value. 

Our clients commonly do larger and a higher volume of transactions within 3-6 months, and have experienced deals being brought to them on a silver platter, without having to spend hours on social media every day or know how to use technology.

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"Want Us To Position You As The Go-To Authority In Your Market, So That Investors and Occupiers Call YOU First With Their Opportunities...?"

Learn How You Can Predictably:

- Generate leads in your pipeline,
- Stay top of mind with investors and occupiers,
- Deliver value in advance and be the trusted source of Intel,
- Leverage your listings & opportunities, and
- Grow your long-term assets.

And instead of wasting time or money trying to do it all yourself…

You could focus on closing deals and serving clients, all while improving the quality of your book of business.

Would that finally give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for?

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